I am a Fat, Stupid, Mom Jeans Wearing, Little Douchebag Baby Bitch! But Enough About My Best Qualities, Let’s Talk About My Unquenchable Thirst For Little Boy Balls!!!

Seriously. Just look at what a fucking douchebag I am! What kind of fat stupid bitch puts on a pair of Dollar General track pants and does some gay ass pose down in front of his fucking 1983 Chevy Cavalier.

fat mom jeans bitch

My Prison Doctor Says Fucking Little Boys Doesn’t Make Me Gay!! SO THERE!!!

Fine. You got me. It’s not MY 1983 Chevy Cavalier. I just thought it was COOL OK?! I’ve been saving up the change from my grocery bagging job and in 12 short years I’ll have my own Cavalier! Who’ll have the last laugh then?! Huh?! That’s right!! Good old John Stone, THAT’S WHO!!


Check Out My Sweet Mom Jeans and Gross Sweaty Man Tits!!!

Well I’d love to stay and pose with my hairy tits and furry back fat but I have to go blow any guy Emperor Trump tells me to!!! I love gallons and gallons of delicious man goo sliding down my fat triple chinned throat!!! Here comes my hero now!!!


Oh my God he’s so hot, I think I just came! Anyway, those little boys aren’t going to jump into inside my windowless Free Candy Van and ass rape themselves!!!!!! Byeeeeeeeeee!!!!

The Dipshit-mobile

All Aboard the Fucking Douchebag-Mobile!!!!


Area Shirtless Man Love Enthusiast Disgusting From Both Front and Back

Ston Jone* – Fat Hairy Jackwagon

Sep 24th, 2014
W. Hughes, New England Dipshit Weekly

This week’s New England Dipshit is this hairy fuckbag here, Mr. Ston Jone* and boy does he look just as stupid from the back as the god damned front. I have no earthly idea why he opened the door for our interview shirtless. I also have no idea why he would ever be shirtless except to scare away children, which from the look of the blood stained clown suit crumpled in the corner, would seem counterproductive to his motives. Clearly alarmed, I inquired about the clown suit. “Ah shit! I forgot to put that back in the van!” he said thumbing in the direction of a windowless van in the driveway, red but for the hastily spray painted words on the side which read FREE CANDY!

TJ Maxx Has The Best Mom Jeans

“Are you a candy salesman?” I asked, praying for an affirmative answer. “What? Oh sure. Salesman. Right!” He punctuated the answer with air quotes and a half retarded wink that made my skin crawl. “Well what do you do?” I inquired. He continued, “Well, I’m incredibly stupid so I mostly live off checks from da government and selling my well worn shit pussy to sweaty hobos!” He pointed to his fat ass through his $14 TJ Maxx mom jeans, “even though I’m fat, hairy and disgusting there’s guys that like my drooping DD man tits covered in pubes! Craigslist is a wonderful thing! I love da interwebs!”

The Dipshit-mobile

Apparently reflecting on sweaty hobo penises or little boys, he closed his eyes and started rubbing himself through the cheap high waisted denim. Horrified and nauseous, I made an excuse about needing another tape from the car despite having a digital recorder. I’d almost made it to the door when I heard him yell, “Oh, Timmy! Yesssssssss!!” [Sorry hobos, score one little boys] I ran for my car, stopping only to projectile vomit.

Dear New England Dipshit weekly, please accept this article as my resignation letter. #thingsucantunsee

*Names have been changed to protect the fat, stupid, inbred and fucktarded.