Local Gay Homosexual Seeks Forty or Fifty Well Hung Men to Fuck His Stupid Face While Pulling on His Fucking Gay as Shit Little Girl Earrings

Hiiiiiiii BOYS!!! I’m Marc with a gay ass ‘C’!!! But you can call me ‘Nut Goblin’!!  Do YOU love BALLS??? I DOOOOOOO!!!! I love huge cocks and balls in and around my mouth!!! I also love Trump and ‘Murica and generally being an all around stupid fucking cunt!!

But there’s nothing I love more than getting a giant mouthful of schlong and having the guy grab onto my faggoty bitch handle earrings and face fuck me until I’m blue! You see like most Jets fans I’m a huge penis aficionado. I suppose my lifelong fascination with dick started when I realized I had a tiny, tiny micro penis!


I was at Starbucks getting my Half Caf All Jizz Latte and I told the cute Barista Boy that my name was ‘Marc with a C!’ and he wrote ‘Cark!’ on my cup! Oh my GAWD, I LOVE it!!! It’s so close to ‘Cock’! And I LOVE COCK!!!!


I also love Donald Trump! He’s just like me, except successful! He is a stupid loud mouth cunt with a micro dick. He’s also a bald dick bag like me but he can afford to have a badger live on his head full time!

I am the ‘Head Plumber’! I’m not in charge, I just got the name from gobbling A LOT of plumber sausage! I decided to be a plumber when I saw the pipes! I knew then and there that if I could spend the rest of my life working all day with something dick shaped then I would be happy! It was between that and making penis shaped fireworks but I leaned toward plumbing because practicing my oral skills on a pipe isn’t deadly!  Not to mention plumbing has poop! I am huge poop fanatic! There’s nothing quite as awesome as heading down to Wilton Manors and letting some random take a huge steaming dump on my chest!!! Aoooggaa!!!

Speaking of steaming piles of shit, check out my new Trump hat!

hat cocks again

Well I gotta go, those poopy toilets aren’t going to unclog themselves, my mouth is! And now a special message from the Precedent!! Doooiiiyyyy!!!