Area Elephant Baby STILL a Fucking Asshole Like His Fucking Ugly Ass Pumping Dad



Alright you fuckers! Now I’m all pissed off! The Tottenham Hotspurs refused to let my fucking ugly Dad and I fuck them because they said we were too fucking ugly. That of course did not stop them from fucking US and dousing us in hot man goo. I’m not going to pretend that I didn’t love it, but I just can’t believe they made me wear a fucking burka!! At least they got this shot of it before the entire team befouled me with elephant baby batter!! Ok, confession time. This is actually an ‘after’ shot. I ate all the elephant baby batter! How dare you judge me! Oh the calories! I’m so ashamed!


I’ll let them all violate me again, but I won’t like it! Here is my new favorite facebook page!

Ok, maybe I’ll like it a little. After all, I AM my fucking ugly father’s son!!!

Later fuckers!


Area Elephant Baby is Fucking Asshole Like His Fucking Ugly Dad



Bow down Mortals! I am Elephant Baby and I AM a giant fucking tool like my giant tool Dad! Listen and listen good you fuckers! I don’t have time for this! My Dad is taking me to the new Bath House in town where the Tottenham HotSpurs like to get the old in and out and there is dick to be gobbled, so I just don’t have time for your shit!

Q. What do you  do when your gun has two bullets and you are trapped in a closet with a tiger, a lion, and a Tottenham Spurs fan rabidly trying to swallow your sweaty balls?!

A. Shoot the ball gobbling Tottenham fan! Twice!

Anyone who gets in my extremely gay way will feel the wrath of Laser Eye Elephant Baby!!!! All Hail!!