Point! Counterpoint! I am a Fat Stupid Wildebeest Cunt! vs. I am a Fat Stupid Wildebeest Cunt!


Fat Stupid Wildebeest Cunt

Listen bitch, you’re really starting to get on my fucking nerves. Let’s straighten this shit out once and for all. If there is a Fat Stupid Wildebeest Cunt around here it’s me. I can’t believe I even have to fight for the title. Look, I kind of see your point. You’re certainly fat. Like Orca fat. There you go! Go to SeaWorld bitch! Go hop in the tank with Shamu and do some fucking tricks. Although they’re more likely to mistake you for a sea cow and eat your chunky ass. That would be hilarious. Fuck off!



Fat Stupid Wildebeest Cunt

What?! I wasn’t listening! I never listen! I’m a Fat Stupid Wildebeest Cunt! Whatever dude, you’ll never be half the cunt I am, let alone half the fat, stupid wildebeest. And you don’t yap non stop about Jebus and his magic dad all day like I do, and you’re not a fucktarded racist whore like me either.  And I’ve been fucking your wildebeest husband for weeks! Oh snap! Although, even though he has a Pringles can for a cock,  it barely touches the sides of my cavernous stink crevice! He didn’t feel a thing! Not until the family of moles that was living in there started biting his schlong lol! It was hilarious. Fuck off!