Fuck You Texas: Creationists Are Fucking Morons.

Really TEXAS?! You’re using STATE FUNDS in public schools to push that stupid creationist fairy tale to kids while discounting the scientific proof of evolution?

FUCK YOU TEXAS.  Right in your Texas sized asshole you country fucks.

A few facts for you morons with a imaginary friend:

I have one word for you fucktards.  DINOSAURS.  You can’t dispute that they existed. And you retards believe that everything was created in six days. Therefore you believe that humans and dinosaurs existed together despite all evidence to the contrary. YOU ARE FUCKING IDIOTS.

DIE PLEASE. You can start with Crypty here!




Sarah Palin is a Fucking Cunt

Sarah Palin is a cunt

I would like to kick Sarah Palin in the cunt so hard that she becomes intelligent.

I mean come on people, this skank’s New Years resolution was to ‘eat more meat’. I eat meat. That’s not the problem. Her comment is tantamount to saying, “I already eat enough, but I’d really like to bear down and eat as much meat as is humanlly possible so that more animals can needlessly die.”